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Bringing the Family Together

How many times have you heard the words, "You're just not listening to me!" or "You just don't understand!"  Stephen Covey describes the human need to be understood like the need to breathe air.  If the air in the room you are in was suddenly gone, you wouldn't care too much about what you were reading on this page.  Your total focus would be on getting some air.  Being understood provides psychological air and is vitally necessary for communication in a relationship.  Learning to put aside your life experience and “triggers” so you can understand your spouse, your children, or your parents, can be the key to making connections so necessary for effective family life.


Divorce obviously affects the couple that is going through the process, but it also has a resounding effect on the children the couple may have. Divorce is a tumultuous time for a family, and people will react to a divorce in different ways. It is important to discuss a divorce with children before any major changes happen. If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce you should sit your children down and explain to them what is happening. You do not have to give a specific reason for why you have decided to get a divorce, but you should make sure you do not present your spouse in a negative light and emphasize that your children were not the reason for the divorce. If a child thinks this it could be crippling to their mental state. The conversation may be different depending on the age of your children as well. Your children should know what changes to expect and you should prepare them for the process. The more up front you are with your children, the easier the transition will be.

Some children might have a hard time discussing the divorce with their parents due to apprehension or not wanting to seem like they are taking sides. If your child is having a difficult time dealing with divorce a therapist can offer an outlet to discuss their feelings and provide a way for them to deal with the divorce in a healthier way.

Blended Families

After a divorce you may decide to remarry. This is another major change for both you and your children. A new environment and new living situation is something that can be difficult to adjust to for children of any age. If you notice that your child's behavior is changing, they are displaying resentment or aggression towards new members of the family, or feels excluded it is a sign that they are having issues adapting. There will obviously be an initial phase of uneasiness or apprehension, but if this continues it could be a deeper issue. If you feel like your child is not adapting to the new situation you should try to talk to them and find out what is bothering them. If you are not able to help, a therapist can be very effective at finding out what is troubling your child and help them deal with their emotions.

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